As our summer tan begins to fade away and the weather starts to become a little cooler, we need a new, refreshing look to compliment the fall season. We’ve seen in latest celebrity hair that everyone is going shorter and shorter.

Bye-Bye Long Hair!

Start fresh this Fall and try what Amanda Seyfried did, go shoulder length! It may be a frightening idea to those who love their long locks, but it can make all the difference! It gives you a healthy-looking feminine look that will WOW everyone when coming back from the long break. It’s easily manageable and appropriate for all ages. It will leave you with a freeing feeling! If you are bored with a bob, take this new style to change your look. Swingy shoulder-length layers that graze the collarbone suggest a fresh, feminine new length that’s entirely attainable by fall!

Bangs, instead of Botox

Did you know that a facelift or botox aren’t necessary to look younger? Bangs are a simple solution to making you look more energetic and youthful again! Blogger Pernille Teisbaekshows how versatile bangs can be. Whether they’re heavy in the front, have a discrete split, or swept to one side, bangs can trim years off your age and give you a fresh, natural look! They are easily paired with long, medium, or short-length hair. Bangs and Fringe also accentuate your cheekbones and bring more attention to your eyes. Longer sweeping graduated layered bangs that frame your face and can make a round face appear longer and leaner. It can soften a look, or accentuate others, it’s versatility it why we think it’s a great look for Fall, or any season for that matter!

The “New” Shag

Short to mid-length messy-looking hair. Usually just hitting below the chin, this look is making a comeback in new and interesting ways. The shape is simple, but so versatile. It can be manipulated into different looks that will make any face shape flattering. Whether you have fine or thick hair, it will keep it’s effortless look and shape. The natural curls and waves of your hair will give texture and dimension to hair. This haircut is incredibly easy to manage, while still looking put together and clean. Stars like January Jones, Emma Stone, and Rose Bryne pull off this effortless, shaggy look.